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Dentists in Brampton

Mon, Feb 27, 2012
Brampton covers a large wide span and is the 3rd largest city in the Greater Toronto Area(GTA). Brampton has a large South Asian population.
Dentists in Brampton

Brampton covers a large wide span and is the 3rd largest city in the Greater Toronto Area. Brampton has developed quickly with a huge influx of immigrants and offers large residential housing areas, condominiums and more. It has a huge South Asian population – in fact the largest South Asian population in the whole of Canada!

If you live in Brampton finding a dentist is easy. The intersection of Main St. and Queen St. W has the largest cluster of dentists in the entire Brampton area. You’ll also find dental offices scattered all along the east and west of Queen St. from Main St.

If English is not your first language there are many South Asian dental offices you can approach where language is not be a barrier for you. For example, if you head Northwest on Main St. right before you hit Bowaird St. you’ll find the office of Dr. Sonia Sharma, a well-known South Asian dentist.

Offfice Listing

RankingDistanceClinic Phone
567.5 kmDr O Behar
229 Main St S Brampton, Ontario Canada L6Y1N5
(905) 457-4700
577.1 kmMayfield Dental
3068 Mayfield Rd Brampton, Ontario Canada L6Z0E3
(905) 840-0225
575.8 kmDr Michelle Omura
23 Conservation Dr Brampton, Ontario Canada L6Z4R3
(905) 846-9655
571.9 kmDr Wey Chang Shieh
110 Brickyard Way Brampton, Ontario Canada L6V4N1
(905) 456-6483
569.7 kmDr Dao Dental Office
239 Queen St E Brampton, Ontario Canada L6W2B6
(905) 452-0700
569.4 kmDr M A Cepler
40 Finchgate Blvd Brampton, Ontario Canada L6T3J1
(905) 792-8644

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