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Dentists in Kitchener

Fri, Jan 27, 2012
Kitchener is a blue-collar city and houses the University of Waterloo’s school of Pharmacy. It offers quiet residences and many good schools.
Dentists in Kitchener

Kitchener hails out of Southern Ontario. A blue-collar city it boasts four business areas: the Bridgeport Business Park, Grand River West Business Park, Huron Business Park and Lancaster Corporate Centre. Kitchener offers many good schools and now houses the University of Waterloo’s school of Pharmacy in its downtown core. This has positively benefitted businesses in the area. A quiet place to reside, Kitchener’s outdoor park in the heart of Downtown Kitchener is perfect for an evening stroll. 

If you live in Kitchener and are looking for dentists in the area you’ll find many dentists who can be easily accessed from the major highway in Kitchener, the Conestoga Parkway. Most dental offices are located on King St. north-west of the Conestoga Parkway in an area called Rockway. You can also find dentists within the St. Marys Hospital premises. You can also find reputable dental clinics like the Laurentian Dental Center located in the Laurentian Hills neighbourhood and also Dentistry-While you Sleep, in Alpine Village.

Kitchener offers industries and residential areas to live and work and many options for excellent dental care.

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