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How to find the right tooth brush

Tue, Jan 24, 2012
The importance of brushing when it comes to the maintenance of good oral hygiene is unsurpassed.
How to find the right tooth brush

The importance of brushing when it comes to the maintenance of good oral hygiene is unsurpassed. Brushing helps us in more ways than one like keeping our teeth free from any kind of decay and protecting our gums from any problems at the same time. Brushing also helps in removing stains which are present on the surface of the teeth and which arise due to the consumption of various food substances throughout the day. The dietary items that we consume daily contain sugars which are broken down to form acids which in combination with plaque deposits lead to destruction of the enamel. Plaque deposits which are also formed by bacterial action on the food that we eat cause inflammation or swelling of the gums which is known as gingivitis. This gingivitis if allowed to progress can lead to tooth mobility and a host of other problems including those affecting other vital organs of the body. So, you must realize how important it is to keep the oral cavity free of plaque deposits and other harmful strains of bacteria.

By ensuring that you brush properly twice daily you can keep your oral cavity free from any kind of problems. If we are talking about keeping plaque away from our oral cavity then one needs to be very consistent when it comes to the use of oral hygiene aids. A toothbrush is the most important as well as the most commonly used aids for cleaning and by opting for the right-sized toothbrush you can find it very easy to keep your mouth clean. Tooth brushes are available in so many shapes and sizes that you walk into a store to buy one and more often than not you end up confused on which one to buy. There are different varieties of toothbrushes for available in the market for people of all ages. 

You can opt to buy manual or electric powered toothbrushes in various sizes depending on your convenience. Do not go for looks alone and choose a brush that feels comfortable to use. People who regularly employ the use of a manual toothbrush might require some time to get adjusted to a powered toothbrush because of the difference in the size of the heads. However, the good thing is that an electric powered tooth brush would clean the oral cavity better than a manual thanks to the difference in head size which enables it to reach further inside.  The most important thing irrespective of the brush you buy is that the brush should be effective when it comes to plaque removal.

So, how do you go about deciding what tooth brush to buy when you enter a store? You would see a huge array of toothbrushes of various sizes, shapes and in so many colors that you could simple get confused as to which brush is better than the other. Many of us do not even think of trying out something new even though it might be better as most people choose to go with the tried and tested theory. There are even people who pick up any toothbrush that as their favorite color on it without even giving some thought to the fact that it might not suit them. There are various criteria which can help you judge whether a brush is actually good or not and more importantly if it you can use it comfortably or not as these are mass-produced and not designed to meet individual needs. So, you can go through the below listed factors to help you choose the right brush:-

  1. Always choose soft bristles- almost every dental association recommends that people should use toothbrushes that have soft bristles as these do not erode the surface f the tooth while scraping the plaque off it. Also you must take care not to exert too much force while brushing to avoid any damage to the teeth or gums.
  2. Choose the correct sized toothbrush- always pay attention to the size of the toothbrush you are choosing especially the head. The head of the brush should be so sized so as to easily reach the posterior-most teeth. You can stand opposite a mirror to see if your current toothbrush has good reach which will give you a good idea of whether you need to go in for a smaller brush or not.
  3. Do not buy cheap quality toothbrushes- you can get toothbrushes of all qualities and at varied rates. The common mentality would be to buy the cheapest one that works and get the ordeal over with.  There are a large number of companies that turn out toothbrushes by the number but are really not concerned about how effective they actually are. Using a wrong toothbrush that is cheaper might end up costing you much more than a good quality toothbrush. A toothbrush that has hard bristles could cause a lot of damage to the teeth and gums for which you would need frequent visits to the dental clinic later on. So, what would you prefer spending a little more now or spending a lot more, later?
  4. Choose the right size for children- the ideal toothbrushes for children should have smaller heads with extra soft bristles. You can pick out a few options yourself and then ask your child to pick the one they find most attractive so that they get interested and choose from the good ones. Also you should ensure that you change your child’s as well as your toothbrush ever four months as the bristles are worn down and they can damage the gums.
  5. Try out different brands to get the right one- There are a lot of people who are very rigid in their thought process and do not like to move away from something they have been using since the past few years. But, if you get a better option then why not go for it? There are so many effective powered toothbrushes being launched these days by good companies that are spending a lot of time and money researching these for the benefit of people. So, make use of this and get yourself a good powered toothbrush if you are not satisfied with what you have been using so far.

When it comes to buying the best toothbrush then what you need to decide is, what brush is the best one for you. A toothbrush might be good for me but may not prove to be as effective in your case. So, go by your own requirements and choose something that will give you the best results. You can easily find out how effective your brush is by sitting down at the end of the year and adding up your dentist’s bills. So, brush well and keep your oral cavity clean!

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