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Thu, Oct 16, 2014
Today, in every place you go, in whichever way you look majority of the things are ultra-modern—this is why many people term today as the “digital era”. Products used inside and out of the house become more and more advanced as years pass by. These technological advancements bring comfort and convenience in life.

Today, in every place you go, in whichever way you look majority of the things are ultra-modern—this is why many people term today as the “digital era”. Products used inside and out of the house become more and more advanced as years pass by. These technological advancements bring comfort and convenience in life.


Most companies attach the word “smart” before their products such as smart phone, smart watch, and the like. If you are wondering why every manufacturer seems to claim that their product is smart, well, it is to draw interest among the consumers. When you hear the word “smart”, it simply means that a product or device is highly sophisticated and comes with a personal touch.


At present, there are three competitive manufacturers each states that they have created the earliest smart toothbrush. The so-called invention does things like data collection, interpretation of information, and screen display.


In our time, almost all things are automatic and focused on advancements. These new discoveries are versatile that they can easily fit inside your pocket. In short, these innovative gadgets make information and entertainment come hand-in-hand. Who would have thought that these “smart” inventions could invade bathrooms already?


From cutting-edge smart bathroom mirrors manufactured through the help of medical technology, we are reminded of the significance of keeping ourselves healthy. In the dispensary, you will find alternative medicines, an emergency kit, and guidelines on how to keep ourselves attractive. But the most important device that one could ever find inside is the smart toothbrush.


Brushing one’s teeth is made part of our daily routine as oral health plays a huge role in ensuring that total wellness is achieved. Poor oral hygiene not only causes oral cavities but also serious cases that later on advance into more complicated conditions.


Below are the three toothbrush giants that claim to have pioneered the engineering of the “smart” toothbrush:


  1. Beam Brush


The smart toothbrush that is showcased by Beam keeps an eye on the activities performed inside the mouth and forwards them into a computer program or technically known as a “smartphone app”. A CNN post regarding Kolibree supports Beam’ claim as the first company that instigated the creation and reproduction of the earliest smart toothbrush which was released in 2013.


What’s interesting about the Beam toothbrush is that is Bluetooth enabled so just by synchronizing it to your smartphone, you could already have a documentation of the duration of the oral hygiene that you just did. Its massive storage capacity is able to hold around 49 brushings or equivalent to three and a half weeks worth of input if you brush two times in one day.


Compared to the Kolibree toothbrush, the Beam brush does not have the ability to track the number of brush strokes done in every oral hygiene practices in totality. Dentists all agree that the proper way of brushing one’s teeth using the correct technique takes just a couple of minutes. Some people hum a song to make sure they don’t stop before the recommended time. However, there are times when they stop brushing once they lose interest on singing.


Now, to your advantage, the electronic device uses a radiant illumination that lights up just about two minutes. Studies have shown that in average, people brush their teeth in less than a minute. Since the Beam toothbrush has its own timer, you will be reminded to finish the entire duration until it beeps. This is a great device for kids who usually get bored or feel that they only need to brush so that they would not get scolded by their parents or elders.


The Beam toothbrush user has the ability to play their song of choice while tooth brushing. This way, the user will hit two birds with one stone— cleaning the inside of the mouth while enjoying the good vibes that radiate once they listen to their favorite songs. In addition, with the “Beam Goal” app, the user is able to customize targets in relation to oral hygiene and forward data to their chosen dentist.


The Beam toothbrush is available in two colors, pink and blue. One Beam toothbrush costs $25 in retail stores. The price for replacement heads is $4; these are used by parents when monitoring the status of their child’s brushing pattern. Each AA alkaline battery has a 90-day life capacity.


  1. Kolibree


Kolibree is a toothbrush manufacturer which is based in France and is committed to creating their consumer’s lives easier and healthier. Thomas Serval, the French creator of Kolibree interactive brushes made sure that their products are user-friendly and really smart. His idea of creating a smart toothbrush brought to light when he wanted to verify if his children lied to him when they said they have brushed their teeth or not.


It was first placed on display in February 2014 at the Consumer Electronics Show. This incredibly state-of-the-art toothbrush is equipped with devices that: measure acceleration (accelerometer), measure the power and direction of the magnetic field (magnetometer), and a gyroscope, which both calculates and maintains orientation.


The Kolibree brush can do an evaluation of your brushing habits and the results are put on view on your smartphone or tablet. Helpful applications make you aware if you have forgotten to brush your teeth or if you have been brushing or an extended period. With the Kolibree smart toothbrush, one is able to choose if he or she wants to forward the information to other people such as your family and dental practitioners or make the information private.


  1. Bluetooth Oral-B


There are rumors that Oral-B will limit their release of their Bluetooth-synced, app-controlled toothbrushes in Germany come spring. To those who are technology enthusiasts or also known as “techies”, the worldwide distribution of their SmartSeries is scheduled in June 2014 so there’s more time to save for these smart devices.


Two of Oral-B’s smart toothbrushes were first showcased in February 2014 during the Mobile World Congress 2014 held at Barcelona, Spain. The price for the Pro 6000 is £229.99 while the second model, the Limited Edition Pro 6500 Smart Series costs £249.99.


Although Oral-B has always remained on top, they have never become reliant that their popularity will keep their sales coming. Instead, they bring innovation and practicality together. As a matter of fact, the new-fangled Oral-B app is expected to exist in both Android and iOS markets to make it accessible for all users no matter what device they use.


The Oral-B app helps its users to become inspired while they learn more. Knowledge is not limited only to dental health; the app also provides information about the current events and weather condition. Because of that, users stay connected to the world even thought they are just inside the bathroom and the time covered in tooth brushing rises up to the recommended rate without the user even noticing the time that has elapsed.


With the Oral-B smart toothbrush, one is able to create personalized brushing routines using the Oral-B app. It also boosts six modifiable cleaning modes that allow patients to have the power to keep their sense of pride high. These modes focus on problem areas of the oral cavity which keeps the teeth stain-free and plaque-fee.


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